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Clarity LIVE ~ 10th Anniversary Concert

by Sons Of Nothing

don't ask me why I think it's gonna be all right too many years I've wasted hiding from the light but I've got a snapshot and it shows me what I missed this is who we really are and this is how it is caught in the flash of some divine epiphany one luminescent view of how this life could be completely unexpected dose of clarity floating in the moment glory in the moment keep me in the moment times like these are remedies but they never last no matter how I try to bring them back freeze the answers in my mind somehow they always slip and melt away in the light of day dont' ask me why I think it's gonna be all right I can't explain or justify this second sight but I've got a snapshot now to send me on my way I won't be ashamed to put this optimism on display floating in the moment glory in the moment snapshot of the moment credits
how come nothing I touch ever turns to gold and everything works better in my mind I see them living their lives on the other side of the road but when it comes to living mine I turn up blind should have been so much further by now thought it would be so much easier but somehow the road I've taken hasn't led to where I wanted to go when I close my eyes it flashes by all the circumstance and fame it belongs to the mind of a little child who tried to look to the future to see his name he saw it up in lights saw it in the pages of magazines saw it on the lips of adoring fans saw it emblazoned across the screen the vision seems to fade in the haze of a smoky motel room always wanted to make my mark on the future but the future seemed to arrive too soon I try and contemplate how the childhood notion can be revived the claim to fame that was uprooted by the instinct to survive should have been so much further by now thought it would be so much easier but somehow the road I've taken hasn't led to where I wanted to go how come nothing I touch ever turns to gold when everything was coming up roses years ago I've become an extra in a story no one ever told a springtime legacy that was buried in the snow
maybe if you thought about the people that you leave in your wake there would be a way to realize what you've stolen maybe if you considered giving more than you take there would be a way to learn from your misfortunes do you think no matter what it would have been this way the inevitable story attached to your name no, no, no, no, no it could have been so different but you'll never know you have nowhere else to go maybe if you weren't too frightened to admit to your mistakes no one else would have to do your thinking for you maybe if you took back the promise that you intend to break no one else would have to battle their way through did you really think it wouldn't turn out this way knowing every step you've taken and every word you say now you know there's always something left to lose did you think if you disappeared you wouldn't have to choose now you'll never know oh you'll never know it could have been so different but you'll never know sold out by feelings you were too afraid to show wandering in circles and you'll never find a home there's nowhere to go
it's four o'clock in the morning I really couldn't tell you what I'm watching on TV could be an ad for a set of ginsu knives could be a static multi-colored screen a cornucopia of disturbing concepts fills my brain while I'm reclined I would gladly welcome the respite of an uncluttered mind in a couple of hours I'll be on my way to fight my way through another carbon-copy day I'll go through the motions 'till I'm motionless or until I don't have to stay round and round and round we go where we stop nobody seems to know do you ever feel this way or am I the only one to waste away the day if you could only see inside my mind you'd say that it was just about to stray if I could only concentrate if I could only escape this catatonic state it seems I'm looking at things through a clouded glass and I can't keep anything straight I hope there comes a day when I will feel no disarray and I'll be able to see the layers peel away to reveal some kind of clarity Oooh, Clarity feeling used up feeling washed up feeling bottled up feeling tightened up gotta lighten up because I'm frightened out of my mind I'm wandering the world half-blind stepping across the street
a cold dim flourescent morning in the 21st century an eyeblink in the slow demise of shared reality mr serious plants his flag and lets the trickle-down karma fly and all the way to the roof of the world you hear his mighty cry the truth is a virus every day is april fool's every night is halloween dancing on the fault lines heavy water runs through his veins always been of two minds always felt a little strange joyous and pathetic and he won't let go he's breaking out in hives he don't need the chemicals no more he's tripping on the truth of the times the truth is a virus every day is april fool's every night is halloween for mr serious a cold dim flourescent evening in the 21st century the heartbeat between how it is and how it used to be mr serious paints his flowers and waits for the moon to rise karaoke calls him out gonna spill his guts tonight the truth is a virus
objects in space ripples and waves the fact of them speaks to me so far so deep look underneath a sea of tranquility don't be so quick to curse the darkness and the cold the early silence is a home sweet home all alone is all we've known solitary world no one's pride is justified solitary solitary world alien skies splinter the eyes louder the freedom rings lost in the blue from this point of view we can see everything if there's no grand design and nothing we do matters then the only thing that matters is what we do all alone is all we've known solitary world no one's tried to get inside solitary solitary world
W04 (live) 04:33
cry if you want to cellophane and see-through faith somehow has lost you no wonder why it pales you now as my contempt grows minds too thin and narrow follow where the wind blows free to let your fear flow thumb your nose at reason twisting your perception blind to all compassion silence your redemption ignorance an excuse only for the obtuse as you search for one more enemy this world's a sad fucking place understanding so unreal value knowledge as a sideshow a circus freak's appeal as my mind starves for a form of intellectual fray just forget your need to scream and do everything they say once I believed 'twas important to be seen and heard now I could not care just refuse to feel we'll do no better taking pen to paper drinking poison liquor and shooting up for there is nothing that I own not my body nor my soul given away long ago for some trinkets mud and stone will the bullshit ever end can we even just pretend that we care about the future and tip the scales again oh I'm so fucking sick of you so so fucking sick of you
got a feeling a stain that keeps on growing despite the pain of knowing the future cannot change the past doesn't matter we let our dreams deceive us our memories won't leave us even the best ones hurt so bad we're running away running yesterday's race running away looking for a saving grace in the morning we try to fix what's broken disown the words we've spoken pretend we see through clearer eyes doesn't matter we're addicted to the misery the definition of insanity we never seem to realize we're running away running yesterday's race keep running away we end up in the same old place waiting on a saving grace
every time this happens like some recurring dream I never see it coming and it's so hard to believe that I'm on the island again visiting mussolini he doesn't seem the villain that he's made out to be always has a sympathetic ear I tell my tale of woe and he offers his advice and everything seems perfectly clear he says "here we are in our exile and we can't recall our crime better just forget her, son she'll do it every time she did the same thing to me" that's what I find disturbing about this situation it ought to be a punishment but it feels more like a vacation and that seems to suit me visiting mussolini I think about my choices and I think about my blood try to read the story in the patterns clearly I deserve this and I need to find out why but mussolini laughs at me for thinking that it matters "here we are in our exile and we can't recall our crime better just forget her, son she'll do it every time she did the same thing to me" mussolini disagrees about prophecy and destiny he calls it pointless fantasy just swimming in my head at his time in history he didn't have my luxuries no desert island discs no all-time Top Five no navel-gazing trepverter it was enough to be alive to be alive then the moment passes and my clarity is gone the sun is high the sea is warm but the comfort's much too cold can't get past the shifty source of what I'm being told it makes no sense to me visiting mussolini and all that I can think about is how I must get back but somewhere deep inside I know it's never gonna last 'cause every time this happens every time that I'm set free I end up visiting mussolini I never see it coming and it's so hard to believe that I'm back again this island welcomes me
in a molasses sea I scream liberate me your waifish face understands but running with thieves has left me quite out of breath and cut deep scars in our hands thin in the streets we made our feverish stand it was untimely at best but morning in "Munchen" when your fresh out of jail makes you skulk back with the rest Nun Er Ist So Nah my vagabond friend takes me by the hand we made some difference today the new generation of peace wielding people mixed with the new generation of hate our attempts with our assorted awareness for what do we think we must fight? drunken we lie in our Ratskeller beds it makes no difference tonight Nun Er Ist So Nah
Catching a glimpse at patches of blue Looks solid from here but we pass right through Sky's broken up, no one really knows why We're all making it up on the fly Colors and shapes that hide in the black I've always loved this place but it won.t love me back The world falling down, what else can I do? What else can I do Can't go on denying that all is not well Can't go on living a lie that I didn't tell The fog went away and it lifted so slow Look around, there are places to go Say goodbye to charmed existence Say goodbye to gravity This is our adultolescence Last regret we'll ever see Say goodbye to duck and cover Say goodbye to killing time Go adjust the cabin pressure Peel away this state of mine
We used to meet on Thursdays Somehow it felt just right In the week but not of the week Anticipation running high We could escape the world then Our little time to steal But there was no middle ground An all or nothing deal We never got the hang of Thursdays Never got the timing right Leapt in without looking one too many times We hit the fundamentals Gathered thoughts instead of things Under the misapprehension We were special and unique I still recall that feeling The day I lost my faith Stood in vain upon your doorstep Stripped of any words to say We never got the hang of Thursdays Never got the balance right Played the tomorrow card one too many times These days I worry more About the way my time is spent Don.t feel much like myself now I wonder where I went And my flawless memory Stages an exclusive show Of every Thursday that we wasted Planting seeds that wouldn't grow
we stand on the roof, we chase the big truth the storms in the sky, they just pass us by no regard for our youth the fools who can’t see past the old used to be we swear and we trust, that will never be us no, not you and me we fight the good fight we hold back the night but that’s not how it feels just wheels within wheels through the flickering light a lateral move, a spoke in the groove will the time ever come when the war has been won and there’s nothing to prove a hero’s lament, a chance to repent to make a new deal, hold on to what’s real and to say what we meant with fond memories, and found families when all’s said and done, we’re still on square one and that’s how it should be
I can't remember when I've ever felt this cold winter time set me free turn my lead to gold atop the tower see my signal going through I try to forget all those things I thought I knew winter time set me free look at me looking back at you my head is lost in the atmosphere I can see your house from here I can't remember when I've ever felt this old I was a young man never thought I'd feel this old more to come where this came from let's get on with the show


performed live 11/19/16 at Broadview Entertainment Arts University, Salt Lake City UT

engineered by Daniel Maland

Thom Bowers - vocals, bass, and keyboards
Daryn Campbell - drums
John Flanders - saxophone
Sweet Marie Hansen - vocals
Juli Holt - vocals
Matt Meldrum - vocals, guitars, and keyboards
Mike Thiriot - guitars

special guest:
Rylee McDonald - guitar on Clarity, Saving Grace, and Solitary World


released January 16, 2020




Sons Of Nothing Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriters Thom Bowers & Matt Meldrum (along with a host of friends and collaborators) make music that bridges the gap between pop-rock punch and art-rock extravagance.

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