One Left Turn

by Sons Of Nothing

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Originally released on CD in 2003. Remastered in 2012 with bonus track "Govt Machine Boy".

Blogs from the making of OLT:

“SoN kaleidoscope Rush and Blue Oyster Cult at their most prog-demented, then go out California-strummy.” - Bill Frost, Salt Lake City Weekly

“These five songs pack a lot of punch...the highlight is the chorus of 'Esperanto', which the band members harmonize to perfection.” - Jason Starr, Summit Daily News

“The song 'Stolen' is like Voivod and Dead Soul Tribe's tour busses crashed together and they formed a band with the remaining members. The emotion and energy here is absolutely perfect!” - Dustin Mitchell, Utah Metal Dot Com


released December 31, 2012

produced by Matt Meldrum
engineered by Matt Meldrum & Toby Seljaas

Thom Bowers - vocals & bass
Daryn Campbell - drums & percussion
John Flanders - flute & saxophone
Tim Hollinger - vocals & guitars
Juli Holt - vocals & soliloquy
Matt Meldrum - vocals, guitars, & keyboards




Sons Of Nothing Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriters Thom Bowers & Matt Meldrum (along with a host of friends and collaborators) make music that bridges the gap between pop-rock punch and art-rock extravagance.

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Track Name: Do Me
in a molasses sea
I scream liberate me
your waifish face understands
but running with thieves
has left me quite out of breath
and cut deep scars in our hands

thin in the streets
we made our feverish stand
it was untimely at best
but morning in "Munchen"
when your fresh out of jail
makes you skulk back with the rest

Nun Er Ist So Nah

"Ouslander Raus!
we've come to take back our land"
a fearsome, lemming filled horde
Rhineland laced with
an industrial waste
they've come to reap their reward

"Only punk kids,
don't know where the fuck it begins"
businessmen arrested today
America, England
Ireland, Sweden
It's pretty much all the same

Nun Er Ist So Nah

my vagabond friend
takes me by the hand
we made some difference today
the new generation of
peace wielding people
mixed with the new generation of hate

our attempts with
our assorted awareness
for what do we think we must fight?
drunken we lie in our
Ratskeller beds
it makes no difference tonight

Nun Er Ist So Nah
Track Name: Better Than Life
when the world is going blank
slowing down to a crawl
you've had all the baths you can usefully take
the paper says nothing at all

watch the clock, count the moments
moving on to 4 pm
try in vain to count your blessings
feel the malaise drag you in

if you could do it all over again
what would you decide
do you think that there's something out there
that's better than life

when the salmon of doubt is rising
and it sticks to your skin
you're growing eyes in the back of your head
and you keep on needles and pins

do you ever wonder whether
you could stand outside yourself
someone special, someone real
would you rather be someone else

when the weather is taking prisoners
there's a realization
you know in your heart you're gonna live forever
can't imagine a worse situation

do you ever wonder whether
you're gonna pay for the time you stole
as you tumble, will you enter
the long dark tea time of the soul
Track Name: Esperanto
to break free I had to learn another language
had to learn to speak in a different frame of mind
had to die to what I used to be
and leave it all behind

I used to live my life for those temporary breathers
I would pretend to know what was being said
cause everything is easy to talk about
once you've decided that you don't care

Am I trying to to save the world
or do I want to own it?
nothing ever changes in my head
and whenever I try to explain, they tell me:

"you're speaking Esperanto
or some language twins teach each other
happiness and art don't live together
you've gotta choose one or the other"

to break free we could lose what doesn't matter
dare to be uncool and let it slide
but we're so tough and we're so scared
we're just waiting to to die

am I trying to save the world
is it ever worth it
the language of hope is running through my head
but when I try to speak my mind, they tell me:

"you're speaking Esperanto
or some language twins teach each other
recovering cynic? yeah, whatever
don't try to fool fate, my brother"

well, I know we're speaking in tounges
because I can speak their language sometimes
but I can't translate to save my life
Track Name: Stolen
how did we ever become
so symbiotic, the fact
that I don't know you
makes no difference to me
I felt your pain inside me
deafened by your silent screams
living your dying takes
away part of me

I'm not sure how or why
your cries caught my attention
now I'm left grieving here
with no help to give

confrontation only saddens
I can't believe the cruelty here
to force the fear of death on you
before you have lived

subdued and barely breathing
tongue tied and petrified
this world's unleashed its grime
upon you too soon

I take the bruises unseen
my spirit, raped, alongside
I bleed for every one of you
I can't close my wounds

who would allow this?
don't comprehend how one would peer
this total lack of conscience
who feeds from others through their fear
without redress or remorse
unmoved even by her tears
who would allow this?
please somebody stop this

now tied and waiting fearful
for time to discontinue
now hurting for the hope
it won't be too long

I grit my teeth in anger
as every speeding second closes
time drags on through fleeting moments
now come and gone

sensing your fear if I could
break through to reach you I would
let you know I'm here so you
won't be alone

he, in a rush of power felt
no one else mattered and that
people were mere playthings he could
take for his own

...for you...I have few words for you
taking power over me...are you amused?
if possible you know I would break you
as my rage boils...evaporates...
I'm left with nothing

swirling up through gray layers of sleep
I start to wake from a peaceful dream

my compehension I still asleep?
now a real sense of fear overtakes me

with no thought I do what's ordered me
silently begging for someone to notice me

I try to scream as I numb to my fingertips
a muffled hiccup is all that escapes my lips

hoping to faint I swoon with sleep from before
my blood freezes as we walk out the front door

counting down path lights to the end of the drive
could be the last time I count them alive

night breeze chills me at the end of the street
I glance back at my one's coming after me

this can't be happening...I ache from inside
now trapped behind a door that doesn't open from inside

sleeping homes, silent, as we move past I see
Why hasn't someone seen me, please, somebody help me!

moving down the hillside I silently pray
a breakdown, an accident, something to block our way

past the fields, poles, homes into the night
all moving so quickly....towards finality

street lamps blur against a blackened sky
as waves of fear flood hope from my eyes

why won't someone tell me?
why is time the enemy?
I could lay down my life
somehow that's not enough from me
hit stop, rewind, try it again
one left turn, change history
why didn't we see?
why couldn't we see?

someone....knows something....

where are you?
Track Name: Misery
feeling's gone I just can't fight it off no more
life's wrecking crew with ball and chain at my back door
while ecstasy is lying lifeless on my floor
Miss Misery is after me and now I know

I know now what your life must mean to you
it's evident more and more now we're through
you were the one to always tell me what to do
so tell me now, I've gotta stop this now

martyrs never die
and some don't even try
American reply of piss and pus and apple pie

feeling out the past has always made me sore
I can repress it but I know I can't ignore
that karma's always there to even out the score
wish to god I could take back what I know

I know now what it costs to turn around
gotta find out what I lost before I drown
in the bravado and regret with which I'm bound
can't make a sound and I can't stop the bleeding

this evening will pass
across my skin like broken glass
then to escape this all at last
If I could just get off my ass

who do you pay to sing the blues
all I ever do is use
and lose
who do you pay to sing the blues

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