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written by Tim Hollinger

Thom Bowers - bass & backing vocals
Daryn Campbell - drums & percussion
Tim Hollinger - lead vocals & guitars
Juli Holt - backing vocals
Matt Meldrum - keyboards & backing vocals


in a molasses sea
I scream liberate me
your waifish face understands
but running with thieves
has left me quite out of breath
and cut deep scars in our hands

thin in the streets
we made our feverish stand
it was untimely at best
but morning in "Munchen"
when your fresh out of jail
makes you skulk back with the rest

Nun Er Ist So Nah

"Ouslander Raus!
we've come to take back our land"
a fearsome, lemming filled horde
Rhineland laced with
an industrial waste
they've come to reap their reward

"Only punk kids,
don't know where the fuck it begins"
businessmen arrested today
America, England
Ireland, Sweden
It's pretty much all the same

Nun Er Ist So Nah

my vagabond friend
takes me by the hand
we made some difference today
the new generation of
peace wielding people
mixed with the new generation of hate

our attempts with
our assorted awareness
for what do we think we must fight?
drunken we lie in our
Ratskeller beds
it makes no difference tonight

Nun Er Ist So Nah


from One Left Turn, released December 31, 2012




Sons Of Nothing Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriters Thom Bowers & Matt Meldrum (along with an ever-growing roster of friends and collaborators) make music that bridges the gap between pop-rock punch and art-rock extravagance.

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