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written by Thom Bowers & Tim Hollinger

Thom Bowers - lead vocals & bass
Daryn Campbell - drums & percussion
Tim Hollinger - lead vocals & acoustic guitars
Juli Holt - backing vocals
Matt Meldrum - electric guitars, keyboards, & backing vocals


feeling's gone I just can't fight it off no more
life's wrecking crew with ball and chain at my back door
while ecstasy is lying lifeless on my floor
Miss Misery is after me and now I know

I know now what your life must mean to you
it's evident more and more now we're through
you were the one to always tell me what to do
so tell me now, I've gotta stop this now

martyrs never die
and some don't even try
American reply of piss and pus and apple pie

feeling out the past has always made me sore
I can repress it but I know I can't ignore
that karma's always there to even out the score
wish to god I could take back what I know

I know now what it costs to turn around
gotta find out what I lost before I drown
in the bravado and regret with which I'm bound
can't make a sound and I can't stop the bleeding

this evening will pass
across my skin like broken glass
then to escape this all at last
If I could just get off my ass

who do you pay to sing the blues
all I ever do is use
and lose
who do you pay to sing the blues


from One Left Turn, released December 31, 2012




Sons Of Nothing Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriters Thom Bowers & Matt Meldrum (along with an ever-growing roster of friends and collaborators) make music that bridges the gap between pop-rock punch and art-rock extravagance.

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