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Almost Paradigm

by Sons Of Nothing

the sky has fallen, the earth is cracked you can still see the mark where the water rolled back history is over and everything’s up for grabs the gates are down, no keepers about doesn’t matter anymore if you’re in or out the rain is crashing all around the faithless and devout and it’s hard to tell the ladder from the cage welcome to the post-heroic age the slings and arrows got supersized we marched on heavin with gold in our eyes hearts of darkness beating under brows so civilized son have you observed the time every step we take is almost paradigm existence feels like crime cause something else has quickened up the pace a checkered flag for all the human race nothing’s gonna help the medicine go down now i recognize the lay of the landslide an eastern wind to sweep the table clean the time has come for everyone to mean what they say and say what they mean we fly our flags and try to pretend Ii’s okay to settle for allies when we could have had friends now that we have got the means to justify our ends maybe we can build on what remains but growing up is going mad by grains nothing’s gonna help the medicine go down
there’s no way this could ever happen not after we’ve come so far suddenly there is more interest in crossing the line than raising the bar it’s now okay to be the bully it’s now okay to build our walls it’s now okay to find more ways to separate us and have injustice for all it’s a strange old world we’re facing with the brave new one left behind and those who are willing to open their eyes might be resistant to being led by the blind to say that now’s the time to come together, and for everyone to heal it feels like having the person who shot you ask you to pay the hospital bill it’s hard right now to replace the fear with faith it’s hard right now to believe in evolution it’s hard to find a silver lining or take consolation in a silent minority solution don’t want to be a part of this brave old world it’s not okay to be the bully it’s not okay to build these walls it’s not okay to find more ways and say that now’s the time to come together it’s not okay to be the bully it’s not okay to keep building these walls it’s not okay to keep on finding more ways to separate us all there’s no way this could ever happen not after we’ve come this far
Ricochet 06:10
i know that right now it’s far too late and you don’t even know who I am anyway i don’t know or care who you are i don’t know why you did what you’ve done i just wish i could take us back to the point before you hurt anyone the uncrossable line keeps sliding out into the dark you watched the line in the rearview and crossed into daylight only a moment for the chaos to subside into pieces reflective of your fractured mind taking a glimpse at a row of random survivors, petrified and paralyzed one voice coming up from behind you one preying upon your mind one voice that is trying to play on your sympathy one solely to rationalize all we want is to discover the answer and you found a way to take it away leaving behind you only the sound of a voice being silenced by the sound of a... only so many times we can rise from the ashes before crossing the terminator back into midnight only a moment, and the pluralism divides into factions polarized on either side taking a shot at the remains of a civilization, purified and cannibalized one voice coming up from behind you one preying upon your mind one voice that is trying to play on your sympathy one solely to rationalize all that’s left is to discover the answer and you found a way to take it away leaving behind you only the sound of a voice being silenced by the sound of a ricochet
Wait 03:28
come into the world, a new star like no other at least for one day childhood interrupted, changed by fate odds stacked against you now constrain your dreams, don’t let them get in the way reality now your dreams, they can just wait thrust into action, you work behind the scenes but never take center stage those youthful fantasties of taking the spotlight just wouldn’t come into play you never did complain but between the lines, you wanted things a different way someday it may change so you’ll just wait it took till now for me to realize there’s still things i wanted to say i guess it’s just one little thing, i don’t think I ever said “thanks” and i know there’s no better time than now but that’s not how it worked out today so i’ll just wait
there’s not enough time to fill up the cup there’s too much to learn, and you’ll never catch up history’s just writing, and sometimes it lies but the ticket is free and it’s only a ride good news for everyone you don’t have to worry about how much you spent the total is more than one hundred percent there’s no such thing as the real me and you and every story ever told is true good news for everyone gotta get lonely, gotta get bored till the record is scratched and it won’t play no more bet on destruction, and you’ll never lose as long as it’s you who is bringing the news good news for everyone
another pilgrimage to a home that isn't home staring at the fleeting sunset, thinking bout the fall of rome disregard the deja vu, disconnect the phone i want to get lost again passing by the rust and wreckage of last year’s parade got some time to pay respect to all the plans we made in between event horizons, just enjoy the shade it’s a fair trade if i can get lost again lost in the wilderness i want to get lost again lost in the world till i break the waves with a shield and sword and the world resolves to a single chord i remember now what i had to say this is why i come, this is how i pray if i knew back when where i’d be today well, there ain’t no way i would ever stay right on cue, the fog descending through the afterglow can’t be sure what i remember is what i really know ain’t it just like family business to interrupt the flow well, it’s time to go it’s time to get lost again lost in the wilderness i want to get lost again lost in the world
Shapes 02:52
Anachronism 05:56
who believes there was an age of heroes on this earth gods and monsters battling their way for momentary worth filaments of flesh so bright their light outshone the day voices cast in wax distract from feet made out of clay and people came to pray no one got the story right no one made it out alive who believes we carry on that legacy of old special dispensation from the beautiful and bold once the curtains pulled and all the tricks revealed we begin to suspect that it was never real but that’s part of the deal no one gets the story right no one makes it out alive no such thing as destiny none of this was meant to be at the intersection marking space and time our anachronistic thinking leaves us blind We can dance in all directions if we choose but there’s only one in which our world can move who believes there was an age of heroes in the past who believes the universe would save its best for last no one gets the story right even stars burn out in time We won’t get the story right even so, we’ve got to try no such thing as destiny none of this was meant to be
hit and run attitude you know i’m not that guy but you’ve already moved on to other things in your head more and more lately the thing that we expect is less and less from each other i want to start bucking that trend cause when the world’s all gone and the curve’s been drawn you will find you’re somewhere in the middle you’ll let your life pass by sitting idly by or be able to say in the end it was not for nothing what is the virtue of a proportional response what does it matter how a man falls down i’m standing here telling you, i go home when you go so can we have a civilization now (for Benjamin)
Oriflamme 04:33
shot my heart straight into the sun like a javelin bridges are burning wherever it touches the ground the world spins a little faster for a servant of no master minutes to midnight keep on counting down till we tear down the firewalls and taste that blurry line give it all and walk away, golden and divine hung my heart right up on the edge of the battlement trying to follow my cap thrown over the wall a viking funeral in my sight, the only way to make things right that’s what matters when all that’s left is the fall tear down the firewalls, embrace that blurry line take it all and walk away, golden and divine i’m the one who still remembers i’m the one who still believes i’m the one who won’t stop knocking i’ll wake you from your sleep i am the one who still remembers i am the one who still believes i am the one who’s seen the future i know that it’s no place for me i am the one with grand delusions so far out, i can’t see land i am the one who won’t stop knocking once upon a time, we had a plan tear down the firewalls, obliterate that line give it all and walk away burn it out, don’t fade away shock and awe and save the day
Square One 04:25
we stand on the roof, we chase the big truth the storms in the sky, they just pass us by no regard for our youth the fools who can’t see past the old used to be we swear and we trust, that will never be us no, not you and me we fight the good fight we hold back the night but that’s not how it feels just wheels within wheels through the flickering light a lateral move, a spoke in the groove will the time ever come when the war has been won and there’s nothing to prove a hero’s lament, a chance to repent to make a new deal, hold on to what’s real and to say what we meant with fond memories, and found families when all’s said and done, we’re still on square one and that’s how it should be
CapAK 03:55
we meet at the boundaries standing on our side, looking at the other spores drifting on the breeze flashing through our lives, wish we had another turn to the moon and the stars and the trees and the snow all this wild disorder is just part of the whole in the floating world time sleeps when the music wakes truth within a bigger truth, a different kind of song climbing till the fever breaks past the monomyth, to a place where we belong echoes from the elements burn into our bones reach across the divide and we feel less alone in the floating world notes on a page dots in the air every word a poem every deed a prayer i hope i recognize when you reach me no matter what we have become i‘ll hum a tune to jog our memory and you can count in on the drum and we’ll make our climb to the floating world it’s a dizzy ride to the floating world through an open road, every tale is told write a thousand lives, golden and divine in the floating world no straight lines, can’t make time the word is out, it’s gone worldwide and if the air gets thin as the night rolls in we’ll keep warm in the fires of creation destiny is not a destination in the floating world
Evolution 02:32
spent too long stumbling into the fall and blocking the doorway afraid to say come in and now i’m standing in front of it all to say what i should say and recognize the things that i can’t change because i traded them away for moments of madness i’ve lived so many days but sometimes i think i’m not even changing at all so I’ll watch over you when you crawl and show you a different way to make your place in the world a generation may be what it takes to evolve and give you the seed to grow and then you’ll know the things that you can change because you learned from my mistakes and when the world turns the page on me having seen my broken legacy a snapshot of all i tried and failed to do i hope that they’ll see the better me in you


released September 19, 2019

Produced by Matt Meldrum & Thom Bowers

Recorded across the USA and mixed by Matt at The Second Bedroom, Layton UT

All songs written by Matt & Thom, except Get Lost Again, written by Matt & Thom and Rick Kreifeldt, and Shapes, written by Tim Hollinger

All songs performed by Matt & Thom, with the kind assistance of:

John Flanders - saxophone, flute (www.johnflanders.com)
Gayle Graizzaro - backing vocals on Anachronism, Square One, The Floating World
Michael Gamble - drums on Good News For Everyone
Tommy Maras - drums on Ricochet, Wait
Peter McDade - drums on Not For Nothing
Lee Wiggins - drums on Get Lost Again, Anachronism, Square One

Art direction & Layout by Chris Jackson

Cover art by Aaron Meldrum

Special Thanks

Doran “Fozz” Barton, Matt Brown (and all Themesters worldwide!), Daryn Campbell, Jon Cannon, Mishell Caligiuri, Travis Coleman, Joni DeRouchie, John Flanders, Mike Gamble, Jason Giron, Gayle Graizzaro, Sweet Marie Hansen, Tim Hollinger, Juli Holt, Chis Jackson, Samuel Johnson, Kerry Kompost, Daniel Maland, Tommy Maras, Rylee McDonald, Peter McDade, Dan Miles, Ray Opheikens, Robbie Rist, Nanci & Lenny Ruest, Adam Sears, Mike Thiriot, Lee Wiggins

To our families, found and otherwise, thanks for sticking it out. Glad it was not for nothing.




Sons Of Nothing Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriters Thom Bowers & Matt Meldrum (along with a host of friends and collaborators) make music that bridges the gap between pop-rock punch and art-rock extravagance.

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