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Green & Grey

by Sons Of Nothing

Whatever happens now, don't take the fight away It is the only thing that feels like home anymore All that remains of a broken brotherhood, misunderstood Looking to testify and justify their souls Pick up the pieces again Take back the thrown Last chance to be big damn heroes, like the stories say It is the only thing that feels like love anymore Balance the larger bowl for the ones who fell, refill the well Blast through the broken ceiling, straight to the unknown Into the breach once again Take back the thrown Miles to go before we sleep So many promises to keep Find the reason through the rhyme Prove we're not just killing time Say goodbye, say goodbye No more, no more killing time
Feel when feeling good seems so easy Feel when it's enough to be alive Feel the void as you wake from dreaming Feel the storm before it arrives Feel the conundrums disappear Feel that you.re spoiler free and clear Be sure to savor this, my friend 'Cause you're never gonna feel it again Feel the hunger for one more verse Feel that this one's sure to break the curse Feel the crumbling of your trust Feel that you're every age at once Try to reclaim your moment of Zen But you're never gonna feel it again
Sunny Day 04:29
Just another sunny day Maybe they didn't realize that I prefer the rain When I'm out wandering Everything seems to go my way And I never find any reason to complain Except for one little thing And I try sometimes to think of things To make myself feel better But it's hard to make a better place When you can't find anything wrong And I try to find my happiness But I can't seem to forget her So I wrap myself in emptiness Carry it alone Didn't let her get away Thought I'd wait for her to try and explain She didn't say anything Don't know why I live for yesterday After all she only seemed to thrive on causing me pain Now there.s no suffering
Head full of smoke Sunlight in my eyes Day like any other day Away in my disguise Head full of smoke Narcoleptic heart I want to tell you everything But I don't know where to start Head full of smoke Poison in my bones Luckily I can't conceive of Too much time alone Head full of smoke Breathless and askew Lost my equilibrium There's nothing I can do This would be a lot easier if you hated me And I wait for your reply Head full of smoke Sickness in my soul Used to have a childhood Now it's just a bleeding hole Head full of smoke Wildfire in my brain All those secrets burning up I can't keep away, I can't keep away One of these days Gonna get a little human soul I won't be so out of reach One of these days Gonna get a little self control Gonna practice what I preach Head full of smoke Ashes in my hands There.s no such thing As a second chance This would be a lot easier if you hated me
I can imagine no better punishment for you Than to find you're just like everyone else You always denied it made you proud That you never really fit into any crowd But it's so easy to spot your tells So-called unique perspective, your special shade of grey Just little lies you tell yourself to get you through the day When you unveil your manifesto, all you'll have to say is Like is worse than love, Love is worse than hate Drowning in the fall, Living the cliche Life is worse than death, Nothing's worse than fate Choking on them all, Living the cliche So stop, just stop it right now I can already feel you gearing up to spill another story Slanted and sensationalized, an overwrought affair Infected with your delusions of fortune & glory The way you hang your head, make believe you're feeling shame That's how they spot a narcissist by any other name No wonder when you sing your song, the chorus is so lame You assume that you're the exception to every single rule You've been a goddamn fool You believed that it wouldn't, shouldn't, couldn't happen here It happened right between your ears
Out Of Order 04:28
How did we get here, and who do we blame The intro and outro are one and the same Instructions were followed, each step of the game But we got them out of order Kick in at the top, it's a good place to start The middle gets muddled, the end falls apart Put on your blindfold and pick up the darts Cause everything's out of order We'll stay and we'll burn from dusk until dawn Forget all the roads we could travel upon So safe and secure and so very wrong I'm homesick for places that I've never been Nostalgic for times that I never will see All of my life I've been caught in between But I'll go on pretending that everything's fine Desperately trying to remember my lines Lost in a coma of reshuffled time Living life out of order We'll stay and we'll burn from dawn until dusk Bleeding each other right down to the husk And in the end, we'll do what we must
I had a dream when I was a kid Most every other night Rising water, cracks in the road And planes falling out of the sky Out in the distance Nothing but green and grey It's raining again and there's so little shelter Under the banner we hide I have no intention of dying tonight But I surely do want out of this life No faith no mollify me No fear to paralyze me No home where you will find me No footsteps left behind me Over the vista Nothing but green and grey The moon will shine from Noon 'till Nine The only rules that matter will be mine I have a plan, twelve years of penance Then I'll be mighty and high Cause all I see is smoke against steam And the looming shape of a rising tide Right outside my window Nothing but green and grey To carry me away
I heard somebody say that we were born too late Such an awful shame you missed the glory days But I look around and I know that it's just not so Can you listen with your life attached, like you used to? Will you recognize the music when it calls out to you? I heard somebody say the music's gone away Everyone my age has got the same complaint But I listen up and I know that it.s just not so Cause I hear evidence of things unseen And guardian angels waiting on the wing To get us through the highs and lows and all the in betweens There never was a time more sacred or profane So never trust the writing on the wall The things that make us freaks are the things that make us great And there just may be a heaven after all
Thursdays 04:02
We used to meet on Thursdays Somehow it felt just right In the week but not of the week Anticipation running high We could escape the world then Our little time to steal But there was no middle ground An all or nothing deal We never got the hang of Thursdays Never got the timing right Leapt in without looking one too many times We hit the fundamentals Gathered thoughts instead of things Under the misapprehension We were special and unique I still recall that feeling The day I lost my faith Stood in vain upon your doorstep Stripped of any words to say We never got the hang of Thursdays Never got the balance right Played the tomorrow card one too many times These days I worry more About the way my time is spent Don.t feel much like myself now I wonder where I went And my flawless memory Stages an exclusive show Of every Thursday that we wasted Planting seeds that wouldn't grow
One more time we step on the stage It looks like home but it feels so strange Trying to act my age but I can.t stop slipping I'm not fooled by the look on your face The normalcy that I want to embrace I know it's not the case and I can't stop skipping To the end of the page The host and guest are trading space House arrest is still in place A line that won't retrace and I can't stop skipping Every day I'm pacing this cage Can't fall back, I'm forced to engage Trying to bury the rage but I can't stop slipping And I can't stop skipping to the end of the page And I can't stop cutting to the end of the chase And I can't stop
Trepanation 12:41
I. Fall Passion undone, kindness erased And I don't see you anymore Feeling a presence I don't want to face When I don't feel you anymore You say you never wanted to hurt anyone But every choice that you make destroys something Flying betrayed by the things that you've done You wanted to fall in love But ended up falling further And I'm a victim of time Left behind for stiller water Shallow consolation, I haven't done anything wrong And you won't see me anymore With a world too small and a life too long You were fearing the climb You should have been afraid of the fall II. Crash I've asked if we're channeling Your dreams the same as mine I've asked it only to myself And wasted precious time Cause getting sentimental Is the only mortal sin Unnatural enhancement for the semi-hard times That we're living in I've asked about survival Or is there something more? I've seen that ideaology And all that came before Sacrificed upon the altar Of war and loss and wounded pride Cause everyone's reduced to their Glory holes and pilot lights With only one thing left to ask Wide open spaces, wide empty nights We've got nothing to say, but we can't stop talking about it So many places, we'd rather hide We've got nothing to say, and we can't stop talking about it Wide open spaces, wide empty lives We've got nothing to say, and we can't stop falling further And there's only one thing left to ask The only thing left to ask is how long will we burn when we crash The only thing left to ask is how fast will we burn when we crash III. Amazed I will go out west, I will learn to fly I will see the desert from above before I die I will find the silence, I will find the peace I will know my diety and I will be released Just hang a left and keep on going It's a different world today, and I stand amazed This life came so close to never happening All of this and all of us came so close to never happening Finally been pulled from this nightmare I swear I'm never ever gonna be a tourist again So everybody gather round I'll share what I found today And we will stand amazed
Quo Vadimus 02:58
Catching a glimpse at patches of blue Looks solid from here but we pass right through Sky's broken up, no one really knows why We're all making it up on the fly Colors and shapes that hide in the black I've always loved this place but it won.t love me back The world falling down, what else can I do? What else can I do Can't go on denying that all is not well Can't go on living a lie that I didn't tell The fog went away and it lifted so slow Look around, there are places to go Say goodbye to charmed existence Say goodbye to gravity This is our adultolescence Last regret we'll ever see Say goodbye to duck and cover Say goodbye to killing time Go adjust the cabin pressure Peel away this state of mine Catching a glimpse at patches of grey Think I've got a shot if I stay out of my way World spinning round, what else can I do? Looks solid from here But soon enough, we'll pass right through


released May 14, 2011




Sons Of Nothing Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriters Thom Bowers & Matt Meldrum (along with a host of friends and collaborators) make music that bridges the gap between pop-rock punch and art-rock extravagance.

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