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written by Thom Bowers & Rick Kreifeldt

Thom Bowers - lead vocals & bass
Daryn Campbell - drums & percussion
Tim Hollinger - guitars & backing vocals
Matt Meldrum - keyboards & backing vocals


to break free I had to learn another language
had to learn to speak in a different frame of mind
had to die to what I used to be
and leave it all behind

I used to live my life for those temporary breathers
I would pretend to know what was being said
cause everything is easy to talk about
once you've decided that you don't care

Am I trying to to save the world
or do I want to own it?
nothing ever changes in my head
and whenever I try to explain, they tell me:

"you're speaking Esperanto
or some language twins teach each other
happiness and art don't live together
you've gotta choose one or the other"

to break free we could lose what doesn't matter
dare to be uncool and let it slide
but we're so tough and we're so scared
we're just waiting to to die

am I trying to save the world
is it ever worth it
the language of hope is running through my head
but when I try to speak my mind, they tell me:

"you're speaking Esperanto
or some language twins teach each other
recovering cynic? yeah, whatever
don't try to fool fate, my brother"

well, I know we're speaking in tounges
because I can speak their language sometimes
but I can't translate to save my life


from One Left Turn, released December 31, 2012




Sons Of Nothing Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriters Thom Bowers & Matt Meldrum (along with an ever-growing roster of friends and collaborators) make music that bridges the gap between pop-rock punch and art-rock extravagance.

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