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written by Tim Hollinger

Thom Bowers - bass & backing vocals
Daryn Campbell - drums & percussion
Juli Holt - soliloquy
Tim Hollinger - lead vocals & guitars
Matt Meldrum - guitars, keyboards, & backing vocals


how did we ever become
so symbiotic, the fact
that I don't know you
makes no difference to me
I felt your pain inside me
deafened by your silent screams
living your dying takes
away part of me

I'm not sure how or why
your cries caught my attention
now I'm left grieving here
with no help to give

confrontation only saddens
I can't believe the cruelty here
to force the fear of death on you
before you have lived

subdued and barely breathing
tongue tied and petrified
this world's unleashed its grime
upon you too soon

I take the bruises unseen
my spirit, raped, alongside
I bleed for every one of you
I can't close my wounds

who would allow this?
don't comprehend how one would peer
this total lack of conscience
who feeds from others through their fear
without redress or remorse
unmoved even by her tears
who would allow this?
please somebody stop this

now tied and waiting fearful
for time to discontinue
now hurting for the hope
it won't be too long

I grit my teeth in anger
as every speeding second closes
time drags on through fleeting moments
now come and gone

sensing your fear if I could
break through to reach you I would
let you know I'm here so you
won't be alone

he, in a rush of power felt
no one else mattered and that
people were mere playthings he could
take for his own

...for you...I have few words for you
taking power over me...are you amused?
if possible you know I would break you
as my rage boils...evaporates...
I'm left with nothing

swirling up through gray layers of sleep
I start to wake from a peaceful dream

my compehension vague...am I still asleep?
now a real sense of fear overtakes me

with no thought I do what's ordered me
silently begging for someone to notice me

I try to scream as I numb to my fingertips
a muffled hiccup is all that escapes my lips

hoping to faint I swoon with sleep from before
my blood freezes as we walk out the front door

counting down path lights to the end of the drive
could be the last time I count them alive

night breeze chills me at the end of the street
I glance back at my home...no one's coming after me

this can't be happening...I ache from inside
now trapped behind a door that doesn't open from inside

sleeping homes, silent, as we move past I see
Why hasn't someone seen me, please, somebody help me!

moving down the hillside I silently pray
a breakdown, an accident, something to block our way

past the fields, poles, homes into the night
all moving so quickly....towards finality

street lamps blur against a blackened sky
as waves of fear flood hope from my eyes

why won't someone tell me?
why is time the enemy?
I could lay down my life
somehow that's not enough from me
hit stop, rewind, try it again
one left turn, change history
why didn't we see?
why couldn't we see?

someone....knows something....

where are you?


from One Left Turn, released December 31, 2012




Sons Of Nothing Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriters Thom Bowers & Matt Meldrum (along with an ever-growing roster of friends and collaborators) make music that bridges the gap between pop-rock punch and art-rock extravagance.

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